The processing plant is equipped with ultra modern and advanced machinery. Fully compliant with present-day legislation, all the walls have been finished with stainless steel plating. The modern facility has its own laboratory and a fully aseptic filling line. Rooms that are sensitive to contamination are kept clean with help of overpressure. On top of that, the entire production department is equipped with an air treatment system which guarantees clean air. The production process is developed in such a way that safeguarding and regulation of the process is possible in every step. Control during all steps in production is one of the ways of guaranteeing a top quality product.


Production process

Fresh eggs are taken from the warehouse to the breaking room with its modern egg breaking machines. Both areas are temperature controlled to guarantee high egg quality. In high care rooms the fresh eggs are processed into liquid egg products: whole egg, egg yolk and egg white. Next the liquid egg is standardised according to the customer's specification, ingredients such as salt or sugar can be added and then the product is pasteurised. After pasteurisation the product is transferred directly into the filling room where product is filled into stainless steel containers, aseptic foldable boxes with sterile liners or tankers. The filled containers are transported to the temperature-controlled coldstore using an internal conveyor, from where they are loaded onto refrigerated trucks for delivery.