The foundations of Van den Burg Eiproducten BV were laid more than 100 years ago. At the modern production facility in Waalwijk (the Netherlands) liquid egg products and egg white powders are produced for industrial usage.


As part of Interovo Egg Group BV, Van den Burg Eiproducten BV has access to a large number of egg suppliers who have been thoroughly checked on their quality. Apart from quality checks, Interovo Egg Group provides support to all its companies in the field of securing quality in processes and knowledge sharing for product and market developments. With this support, Van den Burg Eiproducten is always a front runner in the market and is always able to provide the best service to its clients.





The foundations of Van den Burg Eiproducten BV have been laid over 100 years ago.





Van den Burg Eiproducten BV specializes in production and supply of liquid and powdered egg products for food manufacturers.





The EggTraceBase® guarantees complete and transparent traceability of all products from hen feed to delivered product.





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